Chakra Meditation with Cello

During Chakra Meditation with Cello you will be guided by Brianna’s soothing voice while hearing the heart stirring sounds of cello.

Chakra Meditation with Cello is a 15 minute guided meditation. This offering by Brianna, and accompanied by cellist Kristin Ostling, will help you to connect with and balance the seven main energy centers (according to the Yogis).  This recording will benefit you by offering you space and time to heal your body, mind and spirit.

To help you deepen your experience be mindful to choose a relaxing space, take time to become comfortable and breathe deep.

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©Brianna Bedigian
These Mp4s feature meditation/visualization exercises render it inappropriate for use while driving or operating heavy machinery. By choosing to download them you hold Brianna Bedigian completely harmless of any liability.