Aromatherapy Yoga

Anointed You: Aromatherapy Yoga

During this healing practice you will anoint yourself with essential oils and be guided through postures, breath work and meditation. The purpose behind the blending of aromatherapy and yoga in this class is to create a deeply nurturing and relaxing experience.

Essential oils are a powerful addition to any healing art.  Interweaving essential oils – also known as aromatherapy – into a Yoga practice is a simple way to amplify its healing potential.  Brianna first began using aromatherapy in her classes when she lived in Arizona and fell madly in love with the soothing qualities of lavender oil.  Over the past twelve years her interest in the healing capabilities of aromatherapy has deepened and she is excited to share this offering with you!

Besides smelling wonderful, using Aromatherapy (essential oils, the first medicine) during your practice will:


 benefit your overall health.

 strengthen your immune system.

 improve your mind-body connection

 promote relaxation.

 help to heal and balance the body, mind and spirit.